Oct 31, 2012

Oh Just Waiting to Learn...

I'm a little early for a research study I'm supposed to participate in so I'm just gonna share a couple thoughts with these rare free minutes. This lipgloss is about 2 years old and the tube is a little tacky in my opinion, but I've got to say this is one of my favorite lipglosses ever (and excuse my nappy nails as you look at that picture). It's got a nice neutral, almost clear color. It's thick but not sticky and moisturizing but not in that oily way that so many lipglosses are subject to. As a bonus, it tastes like the weird orange medicine they gave you as a child (ear infections, anyone?). Am I the only one who enjoyed that taste? Probably. Also, it was cheap if I do remember correctly. Like $7 probably. Yay drugstore purchases that become favorites!

Oct 2, 2012

The Things That Make the World Go Round

Coffee... The thing that makes the world go round. I am stressed out beyond belief this week. 2 things that will undoubtedly help me make it through: $1 coffee at good ol' McD's and my MAC concealer. The stuff could cover anything and what a blessing that is because my undereye circles make it look like the last time I slept was last week... Oh wait... That was the last time I really slept. I'll stop being melodramatic, I just had to briefly share my thoughts amidst this Spanish studying fiesta! (See what I did there?)