Mar 28, 2014

Weekend Ramblings: Waxelene

Touted in the natural beauty community as the best safe Vaseline alternative, Waxelene has earned itself a great reputation. For good reason, too, as it makes a decent lip balm and nostril protectant during harsh winter weather. It's even packaged in convenient travel tubes these days!

However, that being said, I can't say I'm going to completely give up Vaseline just yet. I love the fact that Waxelene is more natural, but it seems to absorb into my skin in a way that Vaseline just does not. True, you want most products to absorb, but when it comes to something you need to act as a barrier, it needs to just sit on top of your skin and stay there.

Unfortunately, I'll probably have to stick with not so good 'ol Vaseline when the weather gets rough. BUT, I definitely will continue to use Waxelene as a lip balm and possibly a cuticle moisturizer during the warmer weather. Maybe not my favorite, but don't let that discourage you from giving it a try. It's still a good find!

Have you tried out Waxelene? What do you think?

Mar 26, 2014

Wednesday Roundup: Schmidt's Deodorant and Stopping Natural Deo Hate

Prior to switching my beauty preferences to more natural, I shared the popular opinion that natural deodorant was kind of a "hippie" thing (whatever that means... I've definitely done a lot of re-evaluation of this term in the past few months). And even though my mom still thinks I'm crazy for applying deodorant with my hands, I've found the transition from mainstream to natural deodorant to be incredibly easy. I figure if there's one little thing I can do to counteract unhealthy decisions in my life (shout out to 8 p.m. 2-for-1 subs at Penn Station with the boyfriend), then why not make the switch?

Currently, I'm using Schmidt's Deodorant in Lavender + Sage. Not only does this stuff smell perfectly herb-y and clean, it also works. With ingredients like shea and cocoa butter, I've found that my armpits are far less irritated than they ever were with my once beloved Dove deodorant. Actually, Schmidt's has proven to be gentler than even Primal Pit Paste, which was pleasantly surprising to me.

Other key ingredients in the deo like arrowroot powder and baking soda absorb moisture, while essential oils provide fragrance. This combination keeps things fresh all day long.

Natural deodorant may not be on your radar at the moment, but seriously, it's not a hippie thing. It's far healthier than slathering unknown chemicals onto one of the more absorbent parts of your body. Just read this info on natural deodorant from Food Matters and then tell me that you're not at least slightly convinced to ditch your regular deodorant.

That being said, I'm not here to scare you into using natural deodorant. I just want to let you know that there are some great smelling, adorably packaged options out there that are worth giving a try (Schmidt's!).

Have you tried natural deodorants? Are you already a long-time devotee?

Mar 25, 2014

Shout Out to Rollerball Perfumes: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

For most people, a fragrance purchase is usually about smell and looks, but rarely about convenience. For me, I like a perfume that smells good that I can also tote around (the convenience aspect). I love the new Nirvana Black Rollerball by Elizabeth and James because it smells great, has a pretty bottle and fits in a clutch.

Described on as, "an addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine," Nirvana Black is sexy and warm. Plus, the black and gold rollerball packaging adds to its sex appeal and toting convenience-ness.

Rollerball fragrances are awesome in general, but this particular one by Elizabeth and James just speaks to my love of sandalwood and black/gold color combos. I'm definitely in love/lust here. We could even have a repeat purchase situation on our hands in the future.

Buy your Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Rollerball here. (Or, buy the equally gorgeous, full-sized bottle here.)

Mar 14, 2014

See Ya in a Week

Alrighty, peeps. Looks like I'm heading off on a Spring Break trip where I'll have little to no internet access. I miss you and talking about beauty products already!

The gorgeous Nassau! *Photo via

If you're also on Spring Break yourselves, enjoy. If not, don't forget to take a little time for yourself to relax this weekend. It's good for you. I'll talk to you soon!

Mar 13, 2014

Again with the Social Media...

As much as I would like to be the blog-all-day-every-day type of blogger, I just don't have the time for it right now. For any of my readers, I know this can be annoying. However, I am an Instagram-every-day blogger, so follow the below link to check out my beauty ramblings on a more daily basis.

Vanity Talk Instagram

Also, if you're looking for an awesome way to not only follow Vanity Talk, but other blogs as well, I highly recommend that you check out Bloglovin'. It's an awesome sight that allows you to follow multiple different blogs, from Dogshaming to The Dauphine. If you already have Bloglovin and would like to give Vanity Talk a follow, click on the link below.

Vanity Talk Bloglovin'

Last, but not least, there is Google Friend Connect. This is probably the least popular way of following blogs, but nevertheless, I always appreciate a new reader. Check it out over there under my intro section!

Now, as always, if you have a blog you would like me to check out, paste it in the comments below and I would be more than happy to do so. Happy Thursday!

Mar 10, 2014

Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment

My skin has pretty much written the book on "problem skin." From sensitivity to dryness to oiliness, I've dealt with a majority of the skin issues available. And at the top of my list of issues are blemishes. Usually, I get new pimples as a result of trying too many new products, but I also get the occasional hormonal blemish here and there. Also, this weekend I slept in my makeup (shame, shame), so you know my face hates me right now.

The night in question, where I definitely slept in my makeup.
But, I don't care whether you've slept in your makeup or you're just an overly zealous product tester (me this weekend and me on the reg), you need Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment. It contains about 10 percent sulfur, which is settled at the bottom of an isopropyl alcohol solution for sanitary reasons. The sulfur and alcohol mixture clean the blemish and then dry it out. It's a double whammy for even the worst spots. A few nights of regular use will get rid of anything you're dealing with and I mean that. Do note, however, that if your skin is at all sensitive to alcohol or camphor, this one may not be for you.

*Photo via

I'm on my second bottle of EradiKate (the first lasted me about a year) and actually, I've talked about it before right here. All of my fellow product junkies out there should know that only the realllllly good products get to see a second purchase. Let my actions speak for themselves! You can purchase EradiKate Acne Treatment here or here for $22.

Mar 5, 2014

I'm 21 Y'all: Your Guide to Beauty on a Night Out

So, now that I am FINALLY 21 (and I say finally because all of my friends have already been 21 for what seems like forever) you know that I've got to share my best going out beauty secrets with you all. Given that I don't go out too often, I've been able to narrow my tips down pretty well. Read on, please and thank you! 

Whether you go out once a month or three times a week, oil blotting papers are something you should definitely have in your bag at all times. There's nothing worse than seeing pictures the morning after a night out and realizing you're the shiniest one in the bunch.

One of my favorite souvenirs from China.

Another essential is mints. Peppermints, mint gum... anything really, as long as they freshen your breath. Chances are you're going to run into old friends (or make new ones) and you don't want them to be able to tell a) what you had for dinner or b) what you're drinking just by smelling your breath. Gross.

Restaurant mints work fine!

Also, keep some redness-relieving eye drops in your bag. Much like shiny foreheads, red eyes only seem to show up in the photos you won't see until the morning after. If you don't want to look like you're exhausted, you should stock up on the drops. You can buy teensy bottles too, so don't worry about not having room for them in your little statement clutch.

Lip gloss, stick, stain or balm is an absolute must whenever you go out, but go with a formula that isn't too sticky. There's nothing worse than walking down the street and then having little strands of hair getting all caught up in your lips.

My favorites: Addie's OxBerry from Bite Beauty Lip Lab and Stainiac by the Balm.

My final tip is a to keep a hair tie handy. This kind of goes with the whole lip gloss thing. If by the end of the night, you find yourself pulling hairs out of your lip gloss or your drink, it's time to pull that hair into a pony. 

As far as hair ties go, choose something that won't snag, like this one.

Now that I've shared my favorite night out beauty tips, it's your turn! Tell me about your going out essentials in the comments!

Mar 4, 2014

Quick Thoughts: Blackheads Suck

When it comes to talking blackheads, there's no other way to put it than to say that they just suck. From your chin to your nose to your forehead, they suck all around. And as someone who's just basically scarred her forehead trying to extract what was a pretty unnoticeable blemish, I've got sympathy for any and everyone who's ever had trouble with them. I've also got a little something that can help...

*Photo via

This article from Byrdie offers great advice (courtesy of celeb facialist, Renee Rouleau) on what to do if you're trying to extract blackheads yourself. Seriously, check it out before you try and be your own esthetician, like me.

Mar 3, 2014

Skinchanted Peek-A-Poo

No-Poo and Shamphree are two popular words used to describe one of the latest trends in natural beauty.  Basically, participants in the No-Poo/Shamphree movement retrain their hair to not need washing every day by either using apple cider vinegar and baking soda or some shampoo alternative. Some people even take the process all the way and completely stop washing their hair for good, save the occasional deep cleanse. This no-washing-ever approach isn't quite in my line of vision, but I applaud those of you who've made it to that point without looking like you're wearing a "bacon hat," as I've heard it so aptly described. The lady in the picture below is the perfect example of a positive No-Poo experience. Read her Mail Online article here.

According to Mail Online, this lady hasn't washed her hair in FIVE YEARS. *Photo via

Given that I'm interested in the whole process, but not into going completely No-Poo like Ms. Baers above, I was excited to learn about Skinchanted Peek-A-Poo*, a natural shampoo alternative. It contains a bunch of cool ingredients like glycerin and aloe that combine to remove dirt then moisturize and protect. Peek-A-Poo also contains other cleansing ingredients like Sapindus Berries and Shikakai from India, where they've apparently been used in haircare for years upon years. And honestly, with all of Indian woman who have gorgeous hair, how could you even try to deny these ingredients' efficacy?

The coolest part about Peek-A-Poo is not the special ingredients I just mentioned, though. It's the chance you have to completely customize the scent to your liking. At the bottom of this page, there's a list of essential oils and essential oil blends you can choose to put into your Peek-A-Poo. I chose a Rosemary and Lavender custom blend, which my boyfriend says makes me smell like an herb (and that's just how I like it).

When it comes to actually using the product, I've got to be honest and say the whole no-lather thing took a bit to get used to. But, after a couple of uses, I got the hang of it. For maximum cleansing action, focus the product on the roots of your hair, where everything gets a little greasier. Then, after massaging the product in for about a minute, you just rinse like you would with regular shampoo. Your hair won't feel squeaky clean, but as it dries it will feel super soft. I don't know about you, but that's the way I like my hair to feel.

*Photo via

Right now, the people at Skinchanted are challenging you to give their shampoo alternative 30 days to transform the way you think about washing you hair. If at the end of this period, you honestly don't like Peek-A-Poo, Skinchanted will refund your purchase completely and buy you a bottle of your favorite shampoo. If you were considering giving natural hair cleansers a try, now's the time. Learn more about the challenge by clicking here.

Check out Skinchanted's Peek-A-Poo and other products on their website here (they've got some great lotions and lip balms as well). And to learn more about going No-Poo, read this article by Crunchy Betty.

If you've tried going Shamphree/No-Poo, I'd love to hear more about your experience in the comments!

 The * denotes a product which I was sent free of cost.  Reviews will remain objective, regardless of how the product came to me.