Jun 26, 2014

Sunburn: It Happens

Life is full of harsh realities. For example, if I spend two weeks in Mexico during the summer without using a lot of sunscreen, I will probably burn. And burn I did! But, instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself for the rest of the trip, I threw back a Corona and got to work on some DIY remedies that are easily accessible to everyone... even in foreign countries.

I ate so. much. salsa. this past trip and luckily enough for me, a key ingredient in the salsa at my casa was cucumbers, so we had extras lying around. For this remedy, I just took a cold cucumber and cut it into really thin slices then laid them all over my face. I looked like a weirdo/ human salad, but my skin was so grateful.

*Photo via healthcareaboveall.com

Black Tea
Lipton. Bigelow. Non-descript Mexican brand. Whatever kind of black tea you choose doesn't matter, so long as you brew it strong, let it cool and then apply it as a compress. This one just really takes the sting and redness out of a sunburn. I'm not sure on the science of the whole black-tea-for-sunburns thing, but I hear it has to do with the tannic acid. Plus, if it works, do we really need to know why?
*Photo via RealSimple.com

Few places you will go in this world are dairy-less. Even if milk isn't a commonly consumed beverage among locals, you should be able to pick up a carton somewhere. For sunburn, use milk like the black tea, as a compress. Like with the tea, it's the acids in milk that soothe sunburn immensely (but, bonus points if the milk is cold!).

*Photo via parentingintheloop.wordpress.com

Hopefully I'm not the only one here who's had a sunburn. What are some of your favorite DIY sunburn remedies?

Jun 10, 2014

The Republic of Tea Get Gorgeous

When it comes to herbal remedies, I remain hopeful, but also skeptical. I think a lot of the results associated with chugging herbal teas and tinctures, etc. depend heavily on placebo effect. That being said, people in China drink tea every day (like, they have hot water dispensers in the airports) and rely heavily on herbs and guess what? Most of them have incredible skin, especially considering the heavy pollution many of them encounter daily.

But, this post isn't about China or the Chinese people. It's about The Republic of Tea Get Gorgeous, which is an "Herb Tea for Clear Skin." This tea contains organic Rooibos tea, orange peel, hibiscus, chamomile, red clover, chaste berry and burdock root, each of which is known do something beneficial for the skin. However, I think the bulk of the benefits (if any) are coming from the antioxidants in the Rooibos and the vitamin C in the orange peel and hibiscus flower. 

Here's my left cheek about a week ago.
Here's my left cheek this morning.

I admit, I've stopped eating dairy and I've used Finacea once or twice, which definitely contributes to the condition of my skin as of late, but I've also been drinking one to two cups a day of Get Gorgeous and my skin is no worse for the wear.

If you're starting to think I'm crazy, just know I'm not the only one. Check out the reviews of Get Gorgeous on acne.org and this post on xoVain. Placebo effects or not, if you suffer from acne (especially just a mild case), it looks like you may want to give this stuff a try.

What are your thoughts on herbal remedies? Do you think tea can heal from the inside out?

Jun 8, 2014

Weekend Ramblings: What's (Going to Be) in My Carry-On

On Wednesday this week, I will have the pleasure of traveling to Mexico for a much-needed, long vacation with a few friends. I am beyond ecstatic, but before I can go anywhere, you know I've got to get my carry-on right.

When traveling by plane, I like to carry, at minimum, a cleanser, facial mist, heavy-duty lip balm, a perfume and some type of all-purpose cream. Toting these products is my insurance against looking or smelling like a haggard plane beast once we land (oh, the pleasant imagery). Check the products below to see which products will make the cut this time.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - $12
I originally bought this cream as an attempt at curing my horribly dry skin in the winter. It broke my face out a bit, unfortunately, but it is a fan-freaking-tastic hand, body and everywhere-else cream.

Säf Organics Summer Fruits Natural & Organic Lip Balm - $5
I don't know if you had the chance to read my interview with Stephanie Ferguson of Säf Organics, but in case you didn't, I mentioned this balm once or twice in the post. It's honestly a little hard to spread at first, but once it's on your lips it stays there for hours. I know this will be great on the plane between my incessant chugging of water (gotta stay hydrated!) and coffee binge drinking.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White - $22
I've talked about Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black on here before, but never Nirvana White. Consider Nirvana White to be the more innocent, sweeter scent of the two. It's a pleasant floral that I know will go over well in the warm Mexican weather.

skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels - $30 for 8 pairs
Beauty bloggers are always rambling on about the beauty of an in-flight facial. I can't fully commit to the whole shabang of applying a mask, but I can definitely do these eye gels. They're individually packaged and contain moisturizing and cooling ingredients so you look wide awake once you've hit the runway.

Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe Wash - $4
Because... duh, what else? This is my go-to facial cleanser for anything and everything.

Evian Brumisateur - $14 for 2
Does anyone else remember my post about how these facial mists are pretentious and unnecessary? Well, I'm now the girl that buys them because she believes she actually needs them. I think having the Brumisateur around saved my face during my long flight to China and so, on the plane to Mexico it goes.

Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses
I've fallen asleep on a dry plane only to wake up to find that my contacts have either a) dried up or b) fallen out of my eyes and then dried up. I've learned my lesson when it comes to this. No matter where you're traveling, or how, always keep an extra pair of contacts or two on hand.

My carry-on preferences change from trip to trip. It's even possible that by the time Wednesday rolls around I will have added some different items to this repertoire. But, you get the gist. Now, tell me what you put in your carry-on in the comments.

Jun 6, 2014

Weekend Ramblings: Terre D'Hermes Eau Tres Fraîche

When it comes to choosing a spouse, many people (including my parents) say, "You know when you know." I'm starting to think the same principle applies to fragrances because today when I sampled Terre D'Hermès Eau Très Fraîche, I just knew. I've found my scent soul mate and no one can convince me otherwise.

Described as a fragrance that "expresses the alchemical power of the elements; a water somewhere between the earth and sky; a journey imbued with strength and poetry. Woody, vegetal, mineral" on Nordstrom.com, this masculine-leaning unisex fragrance is like a dream come true for anyone, male or female, who favors a fresh, earthy scent. It's the ideal white t-shirt perfume (or cologne) you can wear day-to-day.

If you're looking to get yourself a bottle, plan on splurging because it only comes in the 4.2 ounce size at $115. I was lucky enough to have a gift card to use toward my purchase, but I like to think I would have bought it regardless. I mean, after all soul mates are priceless!

Jun 5, 2014

How To Make Eyeliner with Burnt Almonds... Seriously

Unless we're talking about a last minute facial recipe, I don't dabble too much in the world of DIY (Rainbow cakes? No. Fancy table decor? No. Birthday party decorations? Party Source, here I come). That being said, every now and then, a beauty DIY pops up that is just too simple to not try. Example A: making eyeliner with burnt almonds.

Inspired by a brief mention of almond eyeliner on Into The Gloss, I went out in search of easy almond-eyeliner-making instructions, which I finally found on Bella Sugar. For this DIY, you only need four things: one almond (unflavored only... save the cocoa roast for eating), a metal spoon, a lighter and tweezers. Besides the Greek yogurt mask, DIYs don't get much simpler than this.

Step 1: After gathering your supplies, pick up your almond with your tweezers and while holding it over your spoon, light it on fire.

On today's installment of stupid things to do around your computer...

Step 2: Let the almond burn for a little while until one side is completely black. Then, set it on the spoon to cool.

Step 3: After your burnt almond has had the chance to cool off, take an eyeliner brush (or a Q-Tip) and moisten it slightly with water. Then, rub it all over the blackened part of the almond.

Step 4: Finally, apply the the color you picked up on your brush as you would a normal eyeliner.

A little heavy-handed on the lower lash line, but I think it looks good.

And voila! You've just DIYed your own almond eyeliner. Now, if you're ever stuck on a desert island in dire need of eyeliner, and they have almonds, you're in luck!