Jun 5, 2014

How To Make Eyeliner with Burnt Almonds... Seriously

Unless we're talking about a last minute facial recipe, I don't dabble too much in the world of DIY (Rainbow cakes? No. Fancy table decor? No. Birthday party decorations? Party Source, here I come). That being said, every now and then, a beauty DIY pops up that is just too simple to not try. Example A: making eyeliner with burnt almonds.

Inspired by a brief mention of almond eyeliner on Into The Gloss, I went out in search of easy almond-eyeliner-making instructions, which I finally found on Bella Sugar. For this DIY, you only need four things: one almond (unflavored only... save the cocoa roast for eating), a metal spoon, a lighter and tweezers. Besides the Greek yogurt mask, DIYs don't get much simpler than this.

Step 1: After gathering your supplies, pick up your almond with your tweezers and while holding it over your spoon, light it on fire.

On today's installment of stupid things to do around your computer...

Step 2: Let the almond burn for a little while until one side is completely black. Then, set it on the spoon to cool.

Step 3: After your burnt almond has had the chance to cool off, take an eyeliner brush (or a Q-Tip) and moisten it slightly with water. Then, rub it all over the blackened part of the almond.

Step 4: Finally, apply the the color you picked up on your brush as you would a normal eyeliner.

A little heavy-handed on the lower lash line, but I think it looks good.

And voila! You've just DIYed your own almond eyeliner. Now, if you're ever stuck on a desert island in dire need of eyeliner, and they have almonds, you're in luck!


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    1. Thanks, Ru! I thought so, too! I only wish I could take total credit for thinking it up.


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