Sep 9, 2014

Quick Thoughts: Juniperseed Mercantile Reusable Cotton Rounds

If you're like me and cotton rounds (or cotton balls) are a part of your daily beauty routine, consider picking up some reusable cotton rounds, or "unpaper cloths," from Juniperseed Mercantile. Making the switch from disposable to washable cotton rounds is one easy way to be eco- and budget-friendly.

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These organic, unbleached cotton rounds come in a pack of 12 for $15 and are, of course, reusable. They also come with a complimentary wash bag for washing (but any lingerie mesh wash bag would do).

I don't know about you, but the thought of never wasting money on a bag of cotton balls again sounds pretty sweet to me. I mean the money could always be put to use in other ways, like on a bottle of red wine maybe? Cheers to that!

Sep 1, 2014

Weekend Ramblings: One J. Crew Basic That Won't Fail

I am not a J. Crew fanatic. I appreciate their zest for high quality, but too often I've found that their high quality is matched by a too-high-for-even-this-high-quality price (I'll pass on the $100 jogging sweats, thanks). I typically go straight for the sale rack and this strategy has suited me just fine... until I recently made the fatal mistake of trying on their Pixie Pant.

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A few of my coworkers have sworn by the power of the Pixie Pant, but until I got my butt into a pair, I wasn't a believer. I am now. These pants are all that and a bag of chips.

Described by J. Crew as "a legging but more structured, it's made from a stretchy holds-you-in fabric and looks good on everyone," you know these have to be good. And they are. While delivering on the "holds-you-in" promise, they manage to also accentuate your, um, assets. What more could you possibly want (and from a work pant/legging hybrid no less)?

The Pixie Pant in black can take you from a day at the office to a night out to weekend errand running in a heartbeat. Consider this $100 absolutely well spent.

Get Your Omega-3's on the Cheap

Salmon is one awesome fish. Not only does it taste great, but it also contains a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids that make your hair shine and you skin glow. However, when you're living on a budget like myself, dropping big bucks on a fresh fillet o'salmon every week in the name of beauty isn't really an option. Enter your canned salmon.

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Before you get all "Ew, canned fish," check out this blurb on See? I'm onto something. You can still get nutritional goods from canned salmon, including extra calcium, and save some money in the process. And to answer your question of "How do I eat this stuff?," read below for my favorite salmon patty recipe.

What you need:
1 can of salmon
1 egg
1/2 - 1 cup of something crunchy (I like rice Chex, but you can go with Triscuits, Saltines, plain Cheerios... whatever really)
1 splash of EVOO
Whatever seasonings you like (Garlic salt and pepper never fail)

What you do:
1. Remove the salmon from the can, removing any bones as you see fit (if you prefer it bone-in, then do you)
2. Mix the salmon, egg, crunch, EVOO and seasonings together in a bowl
3. Heat up a frying pan on the stove and add a dash of EVOO to that as well
4. Make patties out of the salmon mixture (I think you'll get about four small hamburger-sized patties) and place them lightly on the hot pan.
5. Fry until both sides are lightly browned.

Now, you can eat this alone or you can put it on a bun and dress it up like a burger. It's totally up to personal preference. 

The ultra-comfy, stylish reason behind me skimping on groceries.

If you're living on the cheap (and okay, maybe going light on the groceries in exchange for a J. Crew Pixie Pant splurge), this recipe will bring at least a little nutrition to your diet and maybe even a little shine to your hair.