Jun 26, 2014

Sunburn: It Happens

Life is full of harsh realities. For example, if I spend two weeks in Mexico during the summer without using a lot of sunscreen, I will probably burn. And burn I did! But, instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself for the rest of the trip, I threw back a Corona and got to work on some DIY remedies that are easily accessible to everyone... even in foreign countries.

I ate so. much. salsa. this past trip and luckily enough for me, a key ingredient in the salsa at my casa was cucumbers, so we had extras lying around. For this remedy, I just took a cold cucumber and cut it into really thin slices then laid them all over my face. I looked like a weirdo/ human salad, but my skin was so grateful.

*Photo via healthcareaboveall.com

Black Tea
Lipton. Bigelow. Non-descript Mexican brand. Whatever kind of black tea you choose doesn't matter, so long as you brew it strong, let it cool and then apply it as a compress. This one just really takes the sting and redness out of a sunburn. I'm not sure on the science of the whole black-tea-for-sunburns thing, but I hear it has to do with the tannic acid. Plus, if it works, do we really need to know why?
*Photo via RealSimple.com

Few places you will go in this world are dairy-less. Even if milk isn't a commonly consumed beverage among locals, you should be able to pick up a carton somewhere. For sunburn, use milk like the black tea, as a compress. Like with the tea, it's the acids in milk that soothe sunburn immensely (but, bonus points if the milk is cold!).

*Photo via parentingintheloop.wordpress.com

Hopefully I'm not the only one here who's had a sunburn. What are some of your favorite DIY sunburn remedies?

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