Oct 22, 2013

Etsy Finds: The October Union

 I was browsing through the skincare section on Etsy.com recently when I came across an interesting new brand, The October UnionThe October Union, owned and operated by Kimie Rosenthal in Ventura, Ca., boasts an impressive offering of made-to-order products, including everything from an Herbal Face Tonic to Botanical Perfume Oils.  After placing my order (the Charcoal Detox Mask+ Spot Fix, a new fave), I decided to get more acquainted with the brand through an interview with the super friendly Kimie.  Read below to learn about her favorite products, skincare routine and more!

*Photo via theoctoberunion.com

Why did you decide to get into natural skincare? 
 It was like I fell down the rabbit hole. I’ve always had a “nose," meaning I can pick up a scent in the air or on somebody and I am almost always able to determine what its source is. I’ve always loved to collect and try new perfumes and beauty products (from stores like Sephora...what girl doesn’t?) and I was subconsciously buying “green” products.  Then, I was given a bottle of homemade lavender essential oil for my birthday and I think that’s when it clicked. I wore that lavender essential oil as perfume and as time passed I started to became super sensitive to synthetic scents in perfumes, hair products, laundry detergents, etc. If something had any synthetic scent in it, it would leave me with a headache and a feeling of frustration. So I started making my own perfumes by blending essential oils and I became so fascinated with it. I started studying natural perfumery and trying exotic oils and resins. I became, in a sense, obsessed. I studied aromatherapy, which led me to herbalism and natural skincare, and now, I can’t imagine doing anything else. It is a blessing that I can share compassion and connect with nature at the same time. 

What is your favorite ingredient to use and why?  
It’s hard to choose just one, but my favorite ingredient is probably rose petals. It sounds simple, but the color is just so beautiful and their scent, so faint and lovely. Another one is Labdanum, a thick, sticky resin extracted from the Cistus plant. The smell sends me over the moon! Those are definitely my favorites.  

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Which product from The October Union range is your absolute favorite? 
Night Oil, hands down. It is such a unique blend of seriously healing and nurturing oils.  Also, the scent is so lovely. I’ve never seen anything else like it and I’m very proud that I came up with its one of a kind formula:) Also, I just made an awesome aftershave tonic for guys and its packaging is my most favorite. Ever. Not surprisingly, the aftershave is wonderful as well (say the men who’ve tested it).

*Photo via theoctoberunion.com
What has been the biggest challenge for you in creating natural and effective skincare?  
Getting people to give up the junk they’ve been using and make the switch to completely natural. Skincare can become a vicious cycle if you are using the wrong products. Going completely natural will almost always improve the condition of the skin. It’s better for us and it’s better for the rest of the planet. 

Tell me about your daily skincare routine, morning and evening.  Additionally, include any products, such as masks, oils and mists, which you don’t use everyday.  
My skincare routine has become fairly simple since I started using my own creations. In the morning, I usually only wash with warm water, raw honey or our Cleansing Grains. At night, if I’m not too tired, I use an oil cleanser or our Honey+Rose scrub followed by a face oil based on what my skin needs. Recently, I’ve been using plain almond oil at night. A couple times a week I’ll use a toner, like our Herbal Tonic, after cleansing and once a month I’ll use a mask or herbal steam to deep clean. I usually don’t wear face make-up so I don’t really feel the need to cleanse my face with a soap or foaming cleanser. Because of this, I feel my skin has become more balanced. When I do need to remove make up, I use an oil cleanser and our eye makeup remover (I’ll be releasing an oil cleanser available in the shop very soon). If I have some pimples come up, especially around my moon cycle, I’ll dab on some Charcoal Detox Mask + Spot Fix to those spots and leave it on for a while. This always helps them to not get worse, heal and go away faster. I carry a hydrosol mist with me and an constantly spraying my face, hair and body with it throughout the day to refresh. My favorite hydrosol is, of course, rose. <3   

*Photo via theoctoberunion.com

So there you have it, folks!  Kimie is clearly well-versed in her craft and swears by her own products.  There's not much more you can ask for when it comes to skincare products.  Stay tuned for my own review of her products (hint, hint... they're all amazing!).


  1. Ooooh, I want to try that Night Oil! Natural products are definitely the way to go!

    1. I've just started using it (except I had Kimie remove the EO's) and so far, it hasn't caused me problems! Thanks for reading:)


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