Mar 4, 2014

Quick Thoughts: Blackheads Suck

When it comes to talking blackheads, there's no other way to put it than to say that they just suck. From your chin to your nose to your forehead, they suck all around. And as someone who's just basically scarred her forehead trying to extract what was a pretty unnoticeable blemish, I've got sympathy for any and everyone who's ever had trouble with them. I've also got a little something that can help...

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This article from Byrdie offers great advice (courtesy of celeb facialist, Renee Rouleau) on what to do if you're trying to extract blackheads yourself. Seriously, check it out before you try and be your own esthetician, like me.

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  1. Blackheads are the absolute worst because they take forever to get rid of! Ugh. Actually, all blemishes are really no fun, no matter what type they are.


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