Mar 26, 2014

Wednesday Roundup: Schmidt's Deodorant and Stopping Natural Deo Hate

Prior to switching my beauty preferences to more natural, I shared the popular opinion that natural deodorant was kind of a "hippie" thing (whatever that means... I've definitely done a lot of re-evaluation of this term in the past few months). And even though my mom still thinks I'm crazy for applying deodorant with my hands, I've found the transition from mainstream to natural deodorant to be incredibly easy. I figure if there's one little thing I can do to counteract unhealthy decisions in my life (shout out to 8 p.m. 2-for-1 subs at Penn Station with the boyfriend), then why not make the switch?

Currently, I'm using Schmidt's Deodorant in Lavender + Sage. Not only does this stuff smell perfectly herb-y and clean, it also works. With ingredients like shea and cocoa butter, I've found that my armpits are far less irritated than they ever were with my once beloved Dove deodorant. Actually, Schmidt's has proven to be gentler than even Primal Pit Paste, which was pleasantly surprising to me.

Other key ingredients in the deo like arrowroot powder and baking soda absorb moisture, while essential oils provide fragrance. This combination keeps things fresh all day long.

Natural deodorant may not be on your radar at the moment, but seriously, it's not a hippie thing. It's far healthier than slathering unknown chemicals onto one of the more absorbent parts of your body. Just read this info on natural deodorant from Food Matters and then tell me that you're not at least slightly convinced to ditch your regular deodorant.

That being said, I'm not here to scare you into using natural deodorant. I just want to let you know that there are some great smelling, adorably packaged options out there that are worth giving a try (Schmidt's!).

Have you tried natural deodorants? Are you already a long-time devotee?

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