Mar 4, 2013

Makeup Crush Monday

First of all, let's all start off by saying Happy Early Birthday to me! Hehe. I am so excited. I will finally be 20 on Tuesday, March 5th. That's a whole new decade, folks! I celebrated with my lovely fam by having brunch brunch at a little homestyle restaurant called Ramsey's here in Lexington. It was as delicious as always and of course, it was made even better by having my parents and sisters with me! I have a rather exciting little gift to blog about today, though, and that is my new Mox Botanicals Coconut Almondine Lip Butter! I was introduced to this brand through Birchbox and I adore it. They use all natural, premium ingredients to create their lip butters such as moisturizing coconut and avocado oils. They cost $16.50 per pot, but get this: once you've used yours up you can send them back the container and they will refill it for half-price. What a clever way to get people to recycle! The sample I received was actually Pomegranate Fig and it smelled lovely, but I wasn't truly sold until I discovered the Coconut Almondine flavor on their web page. I am happy to report that this fragrance is totally true to it's name. It's a lovely almond-coconut blend. One of the best things about these lip butters is that the fragrance does not last too long on your lips. I love fragranced balms at first but having them on your lips, right under your nose can be quite headache-inducing after a few hours. The moisturizing aspect, however, is a different story as it does last for hours! The clear balm goes on smooth, not sticky, and the moisture is light, but effective. The black glass jar is just so sleek, too. Seriously, what's not to like?! I highly recommend a little browse through their site which can be found at As always, let me know what you all think!

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