Feb 27, 2013

Midterms Strike Again

 I hope this week is treating everyone well!  It sure has been nice to me.  I've been getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night, which has basically turned me into a schoolwork machine.  Tonight, I am studying for a test that isn't until Friday.  That may not seem like a huge amount of time to all of you, but for procrastinators like myself, it sure is a step in the right direction.  I actually had time to apply a face mask AND nap today.  Ahh, sweet relaxation!  But of course, there is never a two week period of relaxation in college.  For every one week of calm, there are usually two weeks of storm to follow (the storm in this case is endless amounts of papers and exams).  Midterms are approaching quickly, next week to be exact, but I am taking the optimistic approach.  I will welcome midterms with open arms.  How can I not be optimistic with Spring Break being so close?  I'm sipping on a 3 shot caramel macchiato right now and creating a little list in my head of things I plan on doing and/or buying over break.

1)  Get a haircut:  I love my hairdresser  (big shout out to Whitney at Natural Essence Salon in Alexandria, KY) and going there every few months is such a treat.  The atmosphere is great.  Plus, I am so terrible about getting my hair cut that when I finally go, it is a huge weight off my shoulders...literally.  Ideally, the haircut I get might allow me to purchase and utilize Bumble & Bumble's new SemiSumo, which smells delicious and gives hair a shiny-tousled-sexy look.  I need that.
2) Search for a new foundation:  The current contenders are...

  *Photo Credits: Sephora

I am in the midst of a sample session for these two, so once one has been purchased, prepare for the full review!

3) Blog better and more often:  It's no secret that my blogger enthusiasm has been lacking lately.  Spring Break free time should allow me to come up with some creative articles and good pics!

4) Invest in an eye cream:  I am going to take the plunge!  I am turning 20 on Tuesday and fine lines don't rest.  It's time to start the anti-aging routine.  Call me over-dramatic, but I think it's better to be over prepared than to one day wake up looking like the Wicked Witch of the West and wishing I had done something to prevent it.  I am always looking for suggestions in this area, so if you have a cream you are crazy about, let me know in the comments section!  

5) Finish a book:  Have you all seen "Lawless"?  It's Such a great movie and Shia LaBeouf looks mighty fine in it.  I started this book (which "Lawless" is based on) over Christmas break, but due to my lack of free time, I don't think I've made it past Chapter 5.  I plan on changing that.

6.  Brush up on my medical Spanish:  This summer I am going on a medical brigade to Ecuador as a translator.  I am so excited, but a bit nervous at the same time.  While we will obviously have supervisors, I think us Spanish students will be heavily relied on as part of the brigade.  That's a lot of pressure.  My grandma gave me a medical Spanish terms book that I haven't had much time to look over.  Spring Break will be the perfect time to browse through it.

That is pretty much my Spring Break To Do List, y'all!


  1. OMG, you're a blogging hero, Addison! You got a whole load of work to do but you still squeezed in some blogging into your crazy schedule.... I'm impressed;-)))

    1. What a sweet compliment! That means a lot. I love blogging so much, though, so I almost have to fit it into my schedule!


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