Jun 23, 2013

Weekend Ramblings: Facial Waters

It wasn't too long ago that I was writing a post about how disappointed I was with Evian's Brumisateur, so this post is as unexpected for me as it is for you.  After coming to the realization that plain mineral water may not be worth Evian's hefty price tag, I was really happy to find a couple of water sprays that have proven to be pretty beneficial for my complexion.

*Photo Via Ulta.com
Caramance Chamomile Facial and Body Water:  I bought this on a whim at Ulta shortly after purchasing the Evian spray.  This water contains both chamomile and aloe extract for calming and moisturizing effects.  I love using this right out of the shower, pre-moisturizer, though it acts as a light moisturizer itself.  Also, it's good to have around after a jog on a hot day (in other news, I've started jogging *cue gasps all around*).

*Photo Via BeautySage.com

Shea Terra Organics Eau De Rose Du Maroc Hydrating Facial Spritz:  In my quest for free shipping from BeautySage.com, I went on a search for an item that, in addition to my $15 C.O. Bigelow Musk Oil, would tip me over the $30 free shipping minimum.  That's when I came across this Shea Terra Organics spray.  I love that the only ingredient in this spray is pure Rosa Damascena water, a.k.a Moroccan rose water.  I often spray this on my face after cleansing and before bed to relax. 

Out of these two sprays, I definitely prefer the rose water.  I could be crazy, but I think it's actually improving the tone of my skin.  Also, I love the smell of roses.  It is definitely the pricier of the two at $16 for 4 ounces, but I don't mind spending a little more for such a luxurious spritzer.  I think that while it is nice to try an actual pre-manufactured product, I may try making my own facial waters here soon, maybe with some cucumber and aloe.  If I do that DIY I'll keep you posted.

What's your opinion on facial waters and facial sprays?  Have you ever made your own?  Do you prefer to purchase them at the store? 


  1. ooh thanks for this, i'm always wondering about facial sprays. I used to use one from whole foods and didn't think it did anything, but I was probably so young at the time that my skin just didn't need it. Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Like I said in my review, it's possible that the changes are not as drastic as I am imagining them to be. However, I really do think spritzing your face with a little facial water before applying your moisturizer allows more product to absorb. Again, I am no dermatologist. This is purely an observation. Thank you for reading:)


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