Dec 3, 2012

Kate Somerville, You Did Me Proud!

Have you ever found a product that is just amazing?  I mean "I want to buy the whole entire product line" amazing!  Well that's how I feel about Kate Somerville's EradiKate.  I've had this baby for about a year now and I'd be hard pressed to find something quite as effective at killing spots and acne causing bacteria.  Mind you, this is not a preventative treatment so you don't just slather it all over your face every night.  This is for those stubborn spots that appear out of nowhere, almost always before some important event.   Application is simple as all you have to do is dip a cotton swab into the pink powder, which is sulphur that has settled at the bottom of the jar, then dab it on the zit. Don't make the mistake of shaking it up at first, like I did. Everything is supposed to be settled at the bottom to create an easier, thicker application.  You have to use this at night, unless you are comfortable with having visible pink spots on your face all day.  I've found that by morning almost every spot I've ever used this on has reduced in size.  This may be a tad harsh for nightly use (especially for those of you with sensitive skin) as it is mostly sulphur and alcohol, but it does what it promises by "eradiKating" pimples.  So thank you, Kate Somerville!  This one is a winner!

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