Nov 25, 2013

Makeup Crush Monday: Lulu Organics Hair Powder

Philosophical question: does the early bird still get the worm if the only reason she's up early enough to get the worm is because she procrastinated on getting the worm in the first place?  Just something to think about.

In case any of you are wondering why this bird is up so early, it's because I procrastinated on a Spanish paper (the proverbial worm in this scenario).  The procrastination is going to continue on for a minute as I tell you about my latest discovery, which is Lulu Organics Hair Powder in Lavender-Clary Sage.

Not only does this dry shampoo make procrastination easier since I won't have to wash my hair this a.m., but it also smells ah-mazing, very clean and somewhat herb-y. I was once (and kinda still am on some occasions) a steadfast baby powder fan, but I got tired of smelling like a baby when I didn't feel like washing my hair.  For this reason, I recently went out in search of something new and I stumbled upon the Lulu Organics hair powder.  It apparently has its own cult following, which I love!

Cult products usually achieve their "cult" status for a reason and I'm happy to say that the reason the Lavender-Clary Sage Hair Powder is a cult fave is because it keeps your locks smellin' good and grease free on "days of unwash," as they so eloquently put it.  I've been using my this hair powder quite a lot in these past couple of weeks and it really has done its job.  Not only can I sleep in for the extra 30 minutes I might typically use to shower on days like today, but I can also carry the conveniently small powder in my purse for touch ups on the go!

You can purchase the Lulu Organics Hair Powder online here.  They also have a few other scents, including Jasmine, Patchouli + Amber and Vetiver + Black Pepper, just in case Lavender-Clary Sage doesn't tickle your fancy.

Have you tried the Lulu Organics Hair Powder?  Do you have any other dry shampoo faves?

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