Nov 27, 2013

Wednesday Roundup

As you all know, when it comes to Wednesday Roundup, I am all over the place.  For this reason, I've decided to compartmentalize my thoughts into four sections: Work It, Watch It, Wear It and Want It. Check it out and enjoy. Happy Wednesday!

Work It
I'm notoriously cheap in the fitness department, and as a result, I'm usually found working out in my room to the tune of whatever YouTube workout I can find.  My most recent favorite is the "Standing Abs Exercises" video from FitnessBlender. It doesn't require crunches or fancy equipment, making it perfect for those of us just looking to tone up a little with minimal investment or pain.

Watch It
Call me crazy (or at least beauty-obsessed), but I love watching skincare routine videos on YouTube. Chances are, if you're into routines, you do too. The latest and greatest routine video I've found is Vivianna of Vivianna Does Makeup.  This is like pure product porn for all of my fellow skincare junkies.

Wear It 
Welcome to Thanksgiving week, where sweatpants are (almost) always acceptable attire, especially post-food coma.  Here's some adorable options by Aerie.  P.S. it's 40% off right now, so head on over to ASAP.

Want It
I'm a full on candle junkie and after reading Emily Weiss' review of Le Labo's Laurier 62, I'm more than a little bit tempted to head on over to their website and drop $70 on a candle.  Maybe one of these days...

So, what does you have to say about this week's Wednesday Roundup?

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