Jan 29, 2014

Wednesday Roundup: Benefit Gimme Brow

After reading this article on Refinery29 a couple of days ago, I'm happy to report that it looks like the big brow trend is going to be around for a little while longer. I'm mostly excited about this because my brows are naturally voluminous (some might say bushy), but also, I just dropped $22 on Benefit Gimme Brow and I'm not trying to relegate it to the bottom of my makeup caddy just yet.

Gimme Brow is a funny little product. First of all, it comes in a teensy package, which actually makes it perfect for toting around in your bag for touch ups. But also, its brush is itty bitty, way different from the mascara-esque brow gel brushes many of us are used to. It's really nice change up, though, as the little bristles make it easier to apply to bare spots without over doing it.

You see, when I was younger I hated my eyebrows. Like many people, high school for me was the era of the over plucked and overly self-conscious. Everyone was trying to make their eyebrows do something they weren't meant to do and as a result many of us suffer from sparse hair placement in certain areas.

Gimme Brow and its little brush is my new favorite product to use towards the beginning of my eyebrows, the area suffered the most as a result of my tweezer happy ways. I use the Medium/Deep shade since my eyebrows are pretty dark. It's a great color and very neutral, meaning it doesn't have any weird red or yellow undertones. Benefit only offers one other shade in Gimme Brow and that's Light/Medium, but they're both pretty universal. Unless your brows are absolutely black, one of these two shades should work for you.

As far as lasting power goes, I can't attest to much since I have yet to use Gimme Brow for a long day, but I can tell you that it does give at least 5 hours of solid wear. That's pretty good if you ask me. At $22, Gimme Brow is a little more expensive than your average brow pencil, but I think its performance goes above and beyond your typical brow enhancer. If you're looking to purchase, click here or here.

What do you think about Benefit Gimme Brow? How about the big brow trend in general?


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  2. I love benefit! I will definitely have to check the Gimme Brow out, thanks for sharing!


    1. Of course! And thank you for reading :)


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