Apr 8, 2013

Makeup Crush Monday: Getting Cheeky

     Makeup junkies know that it is important to occasionally get back to our roots.  The drugstore makeup we were trained on isn't something that should be left to waste away in the medicine cabinets of yesterday, but something that we should occasionally return to when the aisles in Sephora get a little too big and scary.  I was reminded of this on Thursday afternoon as I took a stroll down memory lane, past the Wet 'n' Wild and CoverGirl sections at Target.

       Prior to this trip to Target, I had picked out a dress to wear to Keeneland (see it here), but lo and behold I could not find a matching, spring-appropriate blush in my stash.  Clearly the only answer was to go buy a new one.  When is that not the proper solution?  I didn't feel like sifting through the craziness that is Ulta and I didn't want to shell out major bucks on a Sephora purchase, so Target was my closest, most reasonable option.

What brought me to draw the comparison between my most recent beauty purchase and the good ol' days is the fact that my search for a reasonably priced blush at Target reacquainted me with CoverGirl Cheekers.  I think one of my first blushes ever was a CoverGirl Cheekers dusted rose color that my mom passed down to me when she had hit pan.  Why I haven't been back to buy a few more of these in recent years, I do not know.  They only cost $3.74 a pop and the pigmentation is pretty great for the price.  I chose a color called Natural Rose, which is a bit more like a Fusion Coral if you ask me (and yes, I did consult Pantone on that one; color number, 16-1543).  It lasted all day at the racetrack and then some.  A downside of this product is definitely the talc-y smell, something that CoverGirl seems to really enjoy.  But, if you can get past that, then these blushes are a great pick!

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