Apr 23, 2013

What I Want Today: Etsy Edition

       My beauty wishlist is/ always has been/ always will be rather extensive.  I am constantly researching and discovering new products, which in turn leads to the addition of at least 1 new product to "The List" a day.  Ever since I've found the Bath & Beauty section on Etsy, I've upped the ante to about 3 new products a day.  I probably only end up buying 1/10 of everything on my list, but it's just fun to keep tabs on what I'm liking at the moment.  The following Etsy products have caught my eye with their packaging, natural formulas, and overall brand aesthetic.  

The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves- $12: They had me at coconut lime verbena, one of my favorite scents ever.  I haven't given in to the whole beachy-waves-trend yet, but I am coming dangerously close to committing with this one.

Good4You Apricot Rose Scrub Mask- $8: I dare you to check out Good4You on Etsy and not be tempted to buy at least one item.  Not only are the items all natural, but Jes, the shop owner, also gathers the majority of the ingredients locally and illustrates her own labels.  That's a whole new level of dedication to beauty.  This particular scrub includes skin-loving ingredients, such as honey and bentonite clay, and can be used as either a scrub or mask.

Aucocisco Naturals Face + Body Wash in Cedarwood Orange- $19: I've already purchased the Parsley + Rice Cleanser from this brand (it just arrived, reviews to come!), but not long after I made my purchase, this baby popped up on my radar.  I love a multi-tasking product and I love blood orange.  This whole brand just exudes natural perfection.  Their labels are clean and simple and their products are no different.

Have you ventured into the world of Etsy beauty yet?  What is your fave Etsy beauty discovery?


  1. i like that you chose natural products! loving your blog already xx

    1. I'm glad you enjoy it! Thanks for reading dear:)


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