Apr 18, 2013

Where Have You Been All My Life, Tea Tree Oil?

       I hope you're not sick of hearing about organic products yet, but my recent journey into the realm of organic skincare is turning up some really great finds, especially when it comes to skin clearing ingredients (manuka honey is my new ride or die).  I've always been a huge fan of benzoyl peroxide for the occasional pimple, but the tea tree oil I've been using as of late works amazingly and doesn't cause half of the irritation that BP is notorious for.  I bought a 0.5 ounce bottle of Dessert Essence 100% Tea Tree Oil at Lexington's Good Foods Market for about $8, but you can purchase yours at Whole Foods or on Amazon.com.

 To Use
1) Patch test on your forearm.  Tea tree oil may be natural, but it can still cause allergic reactions.  By patch testing on your forearm, you are ensuring that it is safe to use on your face.
2) Moisten a cotton ball or Q-tip with water.
3) Place 1 or 2 drops of the tea tree oil on the moistened cotton ball or Q-tip.  The water on the cotton ball/ Q-tip dilutes the tea tree oil.  Many people find that it is too strong to be used on facial skin at its full potency. 
*Warning: Tea tree oil is not recommended for use by pregnant women*

Do you have any recommendations organic pimple reducing products? Non-organic suggestions are welcomed as well!

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