Apr 15, 2013

Quick Thoughts: Revlon Colorstay Concealer

        My skin is usually in some state of aggravation, whether it is because of the latest products I've slathered on myself or a result of sleep deprivation.  This makes concealer one of the biggest necessities in my beauty reserve.  I'm always finding decent concealers, but it's been quite some time since I've found anything great.  I'm already a tad biased towards Revlon since they make my favorite foundation (Revlon Colorstay fans stand up!), but I swear they've done it again!
*Photo Credit: Revlon.com
         The new Revlon Colorstay Concealer is a highly pigmented liquid concealer that comes in a tube with a wand.  The formula goes on easy and dries quickly, but not quite as quickly as the Colorstay foundation so you have a little more time to work with it.  It lasted all day in warm weather on my oily skin.  Bonus: it didn't break me out!  Looking for a new concealer?  This one comes highly recommended from yours truly.  You can pick a tube up at Target for about $9.

Drugstore brands are really stepping it up these days!  Do you have any favorite drugstore concealers?

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  1. I agree, drugstore products are really stepping up their game at the moment! I love the colour stay foundation so I may have to pick this concealer up soon. x


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