Apr 6, 2013

Weekend Ramblings: What I've Been Up To

       Hello, lovely readers!  Once again, I've been slacking on blog posts.  I promise things will pick up once this semester is over (26 days, but who's counting?).  It's hard work looking for an internship, starting a student organization, and taking 19 hours all in one semester.  I finally had some time for a little social activity this weekend and so of course, I took myself straight to the Keeneland for College Day.  For those of you who do not know, Keeneland is a famous race track in Lexington, Kentucky.  The guys go there to place bets, but the ladies, with a few exceptions, go as an excuse to dress up and skip Friday classes.  Plus, if you show a student i.d. on College Day it's complimentary goodies and free taxi rides all around!
My lovely little sis, Hannah, and I
My besties and roommates for next year!
       As for what's going on right now in my beauty blogosphere, I have a few posts coming up involving:
- Coconut oil
- Simple Sugars Green Tea with Tea Tree Facial Scrub
- Revlon Colorstay Concealer
       I have this theory that if I tell you all about my future blog posts ahead of time, you will hold me accountable and therefore, I will be forced to post them within a reasonable time frame.  Help me out people!  I love blogging and I just don't do it enough.

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