Jul 18, 2013

A Weird Beauty Trick to Try in An Airport

Surprise, everyone!  I'm going to China today!  I feel like such a bad blogger for not announcing my trip ahead of time, but that's just how I do things. While most people dread the whole airport experience, I am a full on travel lover. Usually, I enjoy the journey as much as I enjoy the destination (of course with the odd exception of rushed dashes through airport security and missed flights). I don't mind layovers because that gives me some time to skim through beauty articles that I wouldn't have time to read at home. Also, I am a shameless beauty experimenter and I always find weird ways to entertain myself.  Today, I made a green tea mist.  Here's how:

What You Need
1. 2-3 Free green teabags from the airport lounge or the nearest coffee shop
2. A small cup of hot water
3. A spray bottle (less than 3 oz. so the TSA doesn't get angry)

What to Do
1. Allow the teabags to steep in your cup of hot water for a few minutes.  You want the green tea to be extremely strong for the maximum refreshing effect.

2.  Once your tea has finished steeping, remove the teabags and allow it to cool for a minimum of 7 minutes.
3.  Pour the warm tea into your spray bottle and mist it all over your tired, puffy flight face!

Seriously, I haven't gone to bed yet and its almost 9 a.m. I'm practically in full on zombie mode, but thankfully my 5 a.m. Starbucks from earlier this morning hasn't worn off yet. Also, occasional spritzes of green tea mist are helping to keep me conscious.  

I actually use green tea mist at home already as an antioxidant serum alternative. I've found that it both refreshes my skin and decreases redness almost immediately.  If you're doing this for short-term entertainment in an airport, anything goes, but if you plan on incorporating green tea mist into your daily routine as a form of antioxidants there is something you should know: brand and quality matter! Here's a scary article about the dangers lurking in certain brands of green tea.  I currently use Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea from Teavana, which I believe is the safe one they mention in the Yahoo! article, but once I use it up I will be doing further research. I am not trying to freak you out by any means, I just want to make sure my readers are well informed!

So, how do you entertain yourself while traveling? 

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