Jul 11, 2013

Etsy Finds: Root + Roam

It's not often that I come across a scent I don't recognize.  Not because I am some kind of perfume connoisseur, but because I think the people around me gravitate towards certain fragrances. And by certain fragrances, I mean ones that can be purchased at Sephora or at the counters in Macy's and Dillard's.  Don't get me wrong.  You can find some pretty great perfumes in the aforementioned stores, but if you're looking for a unique "signature scent", you'd be better suited to look somewhere else.

The first smell that comes to mind when I hear "signature scent" is Giorgio Beverly Hills' Red, a perfume that my grandmother wore all throughout my childhood.  No one else around me ever wore it and so its memory belongs solely to her, something that I think is just so cool.

The cute little bag the samples came in.  Presentation is everything.
In the search for my own signature scent, I stumbled upon Root + Roam, an artisanal perfumery that specializes in carefully constructed scent profiles which are eventually made into small batch perfumes. Their welcome states, "For the rooted dreamer and for those who roam but are not lost…".  This statement alone let me know that if I was on the market for something unique, I could find it there.  

Instead of just going for a whole bottle of product like I am known to do, I decided on the sample approach.  I chose three samples from the Atelier collection: Prophet, Wander and Roam. Prophet is described as "confident and clean notes of citrus – bergamot, lemon and herby tangerine – nestled  on a base of spiked tea, vetiver and incense", Wander is described as "a fruity, floral twist of bergamot and blood orange with a lingering hint night blooming jasmine over a base of smooth sandalwood and earthy green notes of vetiver", and finally, Roam is described as "crisp jasmine and star anise enveloped in a soothing blend of bergamot and peppery tea anchored in a slightly musky sandalwood, pine and vetiver base".

Ordering perfume online is really a tricky task. I am totally clueless when it comes to scent descriptions and perfume ingredients, but I got pretty lucky with this one. My favorites of the three are Wander and Prophet. They both differ completely, Prophet being a sensual smell whereas Wander is fruity and bright.  Also, their staying power is incredible, which is one main reason I prefer perfume oils to regular perfumes. As for Roam, it is a gorgeous scent no doubt, just not for me.

I tread lightly by saying a perfume is "not for me" simply because I don't want anyone else to assume they shouldn't give it a try. Seriously, perfume is so individual that reviewing it in an unbiased manner is nearly impossible. As for Root + Roam, however, I can say without a doubt that you should check out their store.  The perfumes in this post are only a fraction of what they have to offer.

What is your signature scent? Or are you still searching for it?


  1. I just stumbled upon your site while looking for information on Root and Roam - what an informative, fair review. I have been meaning to check them out and I think now I will. I don't have a signature scent because I change my fragrance depending on my mood. My current favorite brands are two independent, natural fragrance lines: Loreto, another Etsy shop, and OLO fragrance (online) based in Portland. They both have a couple of nice florals but the woods, tomboyish scents are the ones I like the most.

    1. I love a good unisex scent myself. I will definitely have to check out these brands! I'm glad my review could provide a little insight:)


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