Jul 2, 2013

Living Proof Prime Style Extender™

Anybody that knows me is probably just as shocked as I am that I've managed to keep a steady workout routine going throughout my extremely busy summer.  I don't like exerting unnecessary energy, I don't like sweat and I most certainly do not enjoy the gorgeous shade of tomato red my face turns after a good workout.  Combine these three things and you get whatever is the exact opposite of a fitness enthusiast, and I used to be able to pass on the working out, too!  But unfortunately, as I've gotten older, my kick butt metabolism has slowly, but surely, started to decline.  This means two things:  1) No more pop tarts for dinner and 2) working out is now a must.  Now what does this all have to do with a beauty blog, Addison?  Patience, people.

Let me introduce you to my new workout buddy, Living Proof Prime Style Extender™.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just don't often get into hair products.  Every now and again I'll discover a great shampoo and conditioner combo, but for the most part I am a wash-rinse-repeat-blowdry-only kinda girl.  Oils make my hair feel greasy, mousse makes it feel too crispy and hairspray just makes it feel dirty.  Perhaps what I love so much about Living Proof Prime Style Extender™ is that it doesn't fall into any of the aforementioned categories.  It's a gel that dries in a soft, non-sticky finish.  Like its name indicates, it is like a makeup primer, but for your hair.

Think gel-to-powder foundation texture.
Coming from a girl whose hair starts getting greasy after about 5 hours at work, Living Proof Prime Style Extender™is a miracle worker.  If I use a nickel sized dollop of this in the morning after showering, my hair will still look clean after a workout in the evening.  I cannot vouch for its style-holding powers, as I haven't actually styled my hair in weeks, but it really does keep hair from getting greasy or looking limp.  I purchased my tube for $20 at Sephora and I would buy another tube tomorrow for backup if I had the extra money laying around.  This is a good one, everybody.  Definitely in the running for one of my favorite hair  products of all time.


  1. This stuff looks great. My hair doesn't like to hold a curl so maybe this would make them stay without making my hair stiff and gross.

    1. It's not stiff or gross at all and really works on my grease prone hair. I say at least grab a sample for Sephora. Can't go wrong there!


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