Sep 2, 2013

Makeup Crush Monday: ILIA Beauty's Complete Mascara

Supposedly one of the biggest challenges of "going organic" or "natural" with your beauty routine is replacing your mainstream mascara with a cleaner formula.  I don't know if I missed that boat or what, because I've already found an amazing natural mascara. So... let's talk about ILIA Beauty's Complete Mascara in Night Fall.

Sophisticated, no?

First of all, I really do not know if anything will ever fully replace my beloved Maybelline Great BIG Lash.  That mascara has seen me through some sweaty parties, weepy nights and humid afternoons.  However, as far as natural replacements go, ILIA's Complete Mascara makes a pretty good go at it.

This mascara is super glossy and after even a few coats, you won't find a clump in sight.  I wore Night Fall on my first three days of class. I'm pleased to announce that not only did it last throughout the day, but well into the evening also.  Now that's a good mascara, folks.

Night Fall is the perfect jet black.
Another mark of a good mascara is one that lasts all day, but when it comes time to cleanse at night, it comes right off without requiring you to tug at your lashes.  That is exactly what ILIA Beauty's Complete Mascara did, much to my delight.

ILIA Beauty is a brand that creates products using up to 85% organic ingredients.  This is a big accomplishment for a company as interested in ingredient quality as they are with wearability.  I will definitely be testing out more ILIA products in the future.  Check out the ILIA Beauty line here or here.

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