Sep 11, 2013

Wednesday Roundup

Good morning!  It's going to be a beautiful day.  I can just feel it!  Before we get down to things, though, I would like to take a minute to remember our 9/11 heroes.  I was only about eight years old on this horrible day 12 years ago, but I won't ever forget watching the Twin Towers fall on the television in my third grade classroom.  Today, we are still fighting to bring justice to the people who perished that day and I appreciate everyone who serves or has served our country.  Thank you for all that you do! 

Now, let's talk a little bit about beauty....

What's New and What's Next {Courtesy of August Skin}
If you're super into beauty like myself (you're reading this which means you probably are), then you'll love this 30-minute video where some of the industry greats discuss the latest and greatest in beauty and fashion.  I can't actually put the video in this post, so click here to view it.

An Aloe Plant
Holistic skincare is my jam these days, so I went ahead and bought an aloe plant because it's apparently great for healing spots, hair growth, psoriasis and everything else in between.  Plus, this aloe plant is acting as my pet.  I've wanted a dog forever, but at the moment, I think a plant is the only thing I could keep alive.

Ok, so maybe it's not as cute as a puppy.

Karlie's Kookies
As if she couldn't get any more perfect, Karlie Kloss went and teamed up with Momofuku Milk Bar to make Karlie's Kookies.  These "kookies" are gluten- and dairy-free, plus they probably turn you into a super model.

Well, that's what I've got for today.  How is your Wednesday going so far?

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