Sep 16, 2013

Quick Thoughts: Primal Pit Paste

My search for the perfect all-natural deodorant started after I had already found a pretty decent eco-friendly formula.  I say "after" because my mom shamed me for using a deodorant that I had to apply using either my fingers or a popsicle stick (ok, yea, it was a little weird) and it was then I realized what I really wanted was a natural deodorant that I could apply like the mainstream deodorants in stick form.

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Enter Primal Pit Paste, the best thing to happen to armpits since... well, deodorant. *Disclaimer: I'm not really a sweaty person, so I can't claim that this will keep each and everyone of you dry all day.  But, what I can say is that if I apply my Primal Pit Paste in the morning around 9 a.m., I'm still smelling fresh around 7 p.m.  Surely it would give those of you with more active sweat glands at least five to eight hours of wear.  Plus, Primal Pit Paste offers a "Strong" variety, as well, which I have yet to try.

The lavender scent of this deodorant is amazing.  Sometimes lavender can give off a cleaning-supplies-vibe, but Primal Pit Paste in Lavender just smells really fresh.  For those of you that aren't into lavender at all, they also offer Thyme & Lemongrass, Spice, Orange Creamsicle and Unscented for the sensitive pits out there.

At $10.95 a stick, this might be what some would consider an "investment deodorant", and the grit from the baking soda and arrowroot powder may take a bit of getting used to, but finding a deodorant in stick form that doesn't contain all the usual bad-for-you chemicals (which you can read about here), that actually works, is really priceless.  Buy your Primal Pit Paste here or here.

Have you found a natural deodorant formula that you really enjoy (stick form or otherwise)?


  1. I swear by LaVinila. I love the lavender scent and would honestly choose it over any other brand I have ever used- even the non-natural ones. It's a little expensive but lasts a while. I also like that I don't have the same reaction that I get to the deodorants that are heavy on the baking soda. I think it's better for sensitive skin.

    1. I can totally see that. I'm not too sensitive, but I could foresee some potential irritation caused by the gritty texture for those who are.

  2. I've only been using Schmidt's Deodorant for a short amount of time, but I like it so far! Finding a natural deodorant is hard so I'm always looking for recommendations. Thanks for sharing this! The stick form definitely makes it convenient for application.

    1. That's exactly what I thought! I don't know why, but there is something off putting about rubbing deo on with your fingers.


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