Feb 3, 2014

Quick Thoughts: Late Night Snacks

As of late I've been doing this thing where I eat pretty healthy for most of the day (at least during the week... weekends are a work in progress), but then come nighttime, it's game over. I get these insane cravings for junk food that up until I switched to a healthier way of eating, were non-existent. Lately though, I've found a semi-smart way to deal with them.

Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies are my late night snack hero. While not healthy by any means, one of these cookies rings in at only about 60 calories and 10 carbs. Just one of these is so satisfying and a pretty good option for those of us with a post-dinner sweet tooth. So, that's my two cents on late night cookie cravings. How do you satisfy your sweet tooth at night? 

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