Feb 5, 2014

Wednesday Roundup: Etsy Style

I love Etsy. I love it so much, actually, that I have an entire segment on the blog called "Etsy Finds." This is pretty much Etsy Finds today, just the Wednesday Roundup Edition. Also, instead of the typical Etsy Bath & Beauty finds, today I'm going to focus on style (i.e. clothes, jewelry and other accessories). Check it out!

Inspired by bold Indonesian fabrics, ljcdesigns has created some incredibly fun, colorful clothing and accessories. Right now I've got my eye on a pair of her pom pom shorts. They'll be perfect for Spring Break!

*Photo via ljcdesigns
If you're looking for simple jewelry that you can wear everyday, makepienotwar most certainly has something for you. If you know me personally, you know that my favorite pair of earrings is this huge pair of hammered gold hoops I bought forever ago. Well, I just found these hammered gold triangle hoops on makepienotwar and I'm thinking they'd be a nice change up from my usual circular hoops. Cute, right?

*Photo via makepienotwar

So, I will probably never be a full time large clutch carrier for convenience purposes, but dangit, they always look so cool. These large, real leather clutches from Ana K. in Greece would be a perfect statement piece for any outfit, or if you're so inclined, they could be perfect for everyday use as well.

*Photo via Ana K.

Are you an Etsy Addict like myself? What are some of your favorite shops?

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