May 9, 2014

Weekend Ramblings: The October Union Green Tea Under Eye Roller

Thanks to Kentucky allergen counts being at an all time high this year, I've found myself waking up with puffy, irritated eyes more than ever. The only thing saving me right now, besides popping the occasional Zyrtec, is the Green Tea Under Eye Roller from The October Union.

The Under Eye Roller is awesome because not only is the liquid product highly soothing (calendula, green tea, witch hazel... oh, my!), but the applicator on the bottle itself is a metal ball. It's so incredibly refreshing and de-puffing. I swear using the roller ball is even better than the cult-status beauty tip of refrigerating spoons then placing them over your eyes. It's wonderful!

And though metal is naturally cold, it is recommended to keep this product in the fridge for an extra frigid boost. That, and there aren't any preservatives in this product, so it needs to be kept cool to stay fresh.

Doesn't everyone stash beauty products next to their mustard?

At $12, I don't feel bad using the Green Tea Under Eye Roller whenever I want (and thankfully so, because I use this thing about three times a day). If your eyes are currently feeling the pollen wrath like mine, I can't recommend this product enough.


  1. Is the oil green or it's the bottle? I love rollerball bottles, so convenient!

    1. I believe the bottle is green, but the liquid inside is about the color of green tea. It's also more of a "tea" than an oil. I love it!


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