May 11, 2014

Weekend Ramblings: Motherly Beauty Wisdom

Today is the day that we celebrate mothers along with everything they have taught us over the years. I couldn't even begin to describe all of the wonderful things my moms and grandmothers have taught me, so true to form, I thought I would gather up some beauty tips and product suggestions from them to share with you all!

My Mom and Meme, looking beautiful as ever!

My Mom: "One that I think is funny, but does work, is to put a pair of clean panties over your head after you put on makeup if you need to pull your top over your head. This way, none of the makeup transfers onto your clothes. Also, clear mascara and a child-size toothbrush help tame unruly eyebrows." [Vanity Talk Note: I honestly couldn't tell if she was yankin' my chain with the whole underwear thing, but she's dead serious.]

This cult classic really is the bee's knees when it comes to taming brows. *Photo via

My Meme (Mom's Mom): "I have always used Merle Norman products because I have never been allergic to anything that I have used from them... I have to admit, one product that will always be found in my bathroom is the Merle Norman Hex Roll On Deodorant.  I have used this product for as long as I can remember.  It never stains any of my good clothes and never leaves an underarm stain like some deodorants.

*Photo via

I also feel it is very important to remove makeup at bedtime. I use Merle Norman Cleansing Lotion along with the eye makeup remover. After removing my makeup, I apply Merle Norman Nighttime Recovery Creme.  As far as makeup goes, I use a Merle Norman Fine Line Minimizer, Wrinkle Smoother, Foundation Primer Plus and the Flawless Effect Liquid Foundation. I also use the Coffee Bean Eyeliner Pencil [Vanity Talk Note: This is also one of my favorite eyeliners], some color of blush, black waterproof mascara and my favorite lip pencil, Sweet Marmalade. 

*Photo via

I love to shave my legs with hair conditioner and lotion up with one of my bottles of lotion from Bath and Body Works, usually Carried Away. In addition to that, I am a person that also loves pretty nails and a pedicure." [Vanity Talk Note: Meme was taking me to get manicures when I was around five years old. I was basically bound for a beauty addiction.]

My beautful Mamaw and myself

My Mamaw (Dad's Mom): "I just use Nivea Cream to remove make-up and soften my skin a bit at night. If anything has to contributed to how I look (good or bad), I think not smoking and not baking myself in the sun (and of course, my old standby joke that I keep my weight up to fatten out my wrinkles) might have helped a bit to lessen wrinkles, even though I have my share.

*Photo via

I always hated it when lipstick came off on paper cups, glasses, or when I kissed someone on the cheek.  I was happy to find the long-lasting lipsticks that just did not do that.  They are the two step ones that require a gloss after the application of the color. Maybelline makes one, as does Cover Girl, and L'Oreal does too.

*Photo via

I also really like Lancome's Bienfait Multi-Vital Teinté with a SPF 30 sunscreen [Vanity Talk Note: I believe this product has recently been replaced with the Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm, which is pictured above]. The older one gets, the less foundation is needed because it gets into the creases and wrinkles. Less truly is more." 

From left to right: Mamaw, my uncle, Mom, two of my sisters and Meme.
As you can see from the pictures above, I have some incredibly beautiful women to call "Mom," "Meme," and "Mamaw." I can only hope to inherit half their class, sass and beauty as I get older. Thank you, Mom, Mamaw and Meme, for everything you do. Happy Mother's Day!

Now, do tell, what are some of the beauty tricks the women in your life have passed down to you?

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