May 14, 2014

Quick Thoughts: An Experiment with Water, Part 2

Some experiments start out destined for greatness and others, not so much. Unfortunately, "An Experiment with Water" falls into the latter category. What started out as an attempt to see if my skin responded well to fewer products ended all too soon because I totally chickened out... well, sort of.

The whole "chickening out" stemmed from me not being able to remember a morning I hadn't washed my face since I was probably 12. I kid you not, I have been washing my face in the mornings religiously since this age. I think this is around the time that my friend and I first started applying her mom's RoC anti-aging masks to tighten our faces as well. I wasn't always the brightest lip pencil in the Caboodles case.

Insert unrelated grad photo here, please.

I probably also chickened out after day two because, to be honest, I just don't enjoy the way my skin feels when I don't wash it. It's this strange combination of tight, oily and gross. No gracias!

Above all, though, I found myself unable to commit to this experiment because I run in the mornings. I definitely could have stuck it out for a week had I not returned from my run every morning with a nice layer of sweat covering my face. Rinsing with only water on those days would have been a severe beauty offense.

So, as much as I like to be a human guinea pig, I couldn't fully commit to this experiment and for that, I'm sorry. BUT, now, my skin isn't doing to shabby despite the humid weather's best attempts to turn it against me. I'll take it!

What are some failed beauty experiments you've tried in the past?

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