Apr 28, 2014

Quick Thoughts: An Experiment with Water

Staying with my sister this weekend has apparently revealed a lot to me about beauty, Toothy Tabs being the first beauty revelation. The second being that a majority of the women in my family (who have less irritated skin than myself, I might add) cleanse with only water in the morning. So, since learning this, I've been asking myself, "Should I be cleansing with only water in the morning also?"

Well, folks, I'm going to give it a try. I'm also going to keep a photo diary, though I'm not too sure if I'll be sharing it with you all. However, despite me sharing irritated complexion pics or not, I will most definitely be keeping a written account of this experiment which will be revealed at the end of, let's say, a 2-week-long period.

A completely unrelated photo of one of my sisters, her boyfriend, my boyfriend and myself.
Basically, during this experiment I'm going to continue on with my normal routine, except in the mornings I will forgo cleansing with an actual cleanser in exchange for cleansing with water and following with a mild toner (I'm thinking a mixture of Dickinson's and green tea).

I'm kind of nervous for the outcome, but my skin is always screaming at me for using so many different products. This water cleansing experiment will be a nice change of pace. Wish me luck!

Do you cleanse your face in the morning? Are you a fan of the water-only approach?

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