Aug 21, 2013

Acure Lemongrass + Moroccan Argan Oil Firming Body Lotion

In my last post, "Shifting Gears", I mentioned using the same face lotion I've always used (Cerave, for those interested) in exchange for an organic body lotion.  Well, after spending a few minutes in Whole Foods, going back and forth between a few different options, I decided on Acure's Lemongrass + Moroccan Argan Oil Firming Body Lotion.  Honestly, I don't believe the firming claims at all.  Actually, I don't believe firming claims on any lotion ever, period.  Nonetheless, this is a great option for those of you that, like me, enjoy light moisture with a fresh, lemony smell sans Pledge Furniture Polish undertones.

Like my new bedspread?

I was also pleased to find that despite all of the oils in this lotion, the last thing it is is greasy.  It goes on like a dream and dries to a barely detectable finish, making it perfect for warm weather.  One of my least favorite feelings during a hot summer day is slippery legs from lotion mixed with sweat. Sitting on the leather seats in your boyfriend's car is just not cute when you're slip sliding all over the place.

This lotion costs about $10 for seven ounces.  I've paid far more for other body lotions that don't contain this many wonderful ingredients (moroccan argan oil, acaĆ­ berry, coconut oil, etc.), so it's a bargain in my eyes.  You can pick a bottle up at your local Whole Foods or online here.

What is your favorite body lotion, organic or otherwise?

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