Aug 2, 2013

Back from China, Leaving for Ecuador

It's official.  Jet lag has set it and it is definitely working its magic.  Normally I'm an early riser, but 4 a.m. is definitely over doing it.  I want to sleep, but I can't, which is going to make the long day of travel I have in front of me extra fun.

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I've been home from China for 1.5 days and today I leave for Quito, Ecuador where I'm going to work as an interpreter for a medical brigade.  Unfortunately, I'm thinking my wifi situation may be worse there than it was in China, so here's your heads up that you may not see a blog post for about 10-11 day.  I hope you all can survive ; )

So... have a wonderful week everybody.  I look forward to getting back to regular blogging upon my return.  I've got plenty of Asian beauty posts, and maybe even a giveaway, planned.  It should be a good time!


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