Aug 14, 2013

Lina Hanson's Global Body Serum

I am happy to announce that only about 30 days and one bout of food sickness later, I am back on my blogging game after what seems like years spent abroad.  I had some wonderful adventures while in China and Ecuador, but it sure feels amazing to be sleeping in my own bed again.  And besides being greeted by your enthusiastic parents, sisters, golden retriever and yorkie poo, there is just one other thing that makes a homecoming sweeter.  That is a lovely new beauty product waiting for you, of course!  In this particular case, the product I would be referring to is Lina Hanson's Global Body Serum*.

My roomies and me (all the way on the right) after a long day at a clinic in Ecuador.

For those of you that do not know, Lina Hanson is a makeup artist and natural skincare expert to the stars.  Her celebrity clientele has included everyone from the likes of Emma Stone to Brooke Shields.  Through her own appreciation for natural products with a purpose, Lina Hanson created a product line with the mantra of "Green can still be glamorous!".  What a true statement, as her Global Body Serum is one of the most glamorous products I have used in a while.  You see, I'm a sucker for packaging and when I opened the box to find sleek black bottles, I just knew it would be love.

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Upon first impression, I realized that the Global Body Serum smells like a sophisticated Creamsicle (I do mean that in the best way possible).  Its scent is that of a sensual grapefruit and real vanilla combo rather than a Fanta and Mister Softee ice cream float.  And luckily enough for us, the smell is only half of the thrill.  After applying the serum, tight skin is soothed and moisturized almost immediately and it will stay moisturized for a long time.  The Global Body Serum is a bit thick, however, so spreading it requires a little more work than your average body lotion.  But honestly, after smelling and using this stuff once, I think that's something most people will be willing to disregard.

There is only one real problem with this serum and that is its price point.  At $63 per 3.4 ounces, getting addicted to this stuff would be a pricey habit.  However, this brand ethically sources their oils from around the globe and that can get expensive.  I would totally splurge on this product again and again.  It's hard to say no to a product that makes you feel a bit like royalty after each application!

The * denotes a product which I was sent free of cost.  Reviews will remain objective, regardless of how the product came to me.

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