Aug 15, 2013

Class Act: Back to School Beauty

I remember the first ever purse that I carried to school.  It was beige faux suede with colorful, embroidered flowers all over it.  If you were a mid 90's to early 2000's kid like me, you probably already know that I bought this work of art at Limited Too.  Inside this purse is where I kept my 12-year-old self's beauty arsenal, which included heaps of sparkly lipgloss, probably one of my mom's old Clinique powders and of course, a Bath & Body Works body spray of either the Sweet Pea or Pink Grapefruit variety.

Though I still haul around a good amount of beauty products on a daily basis, they are all a little more practical.  Here are the products I don't head to class without (and you shouldn't either!).

So many options!

Oil Blotting Papers:
Helloooo, sweaty walks to class!  I haven't missed you at all.  Last year, I had the benefit of living in the sorority house and therefore only had a five minute walk to class every morning.  This year, though I am ecstatic to be living with my five best friends, I am not so lucky.  Oil blotting sheets help me not look like a hot mess after a 15-minute walk to school on a hot day.  (Quick tip: if you're not looking to shell out the cash for pre-packaged oil blotting papers, toilet seat covers and cheap cafeteria napkins work just as well).

My new favorite multi-purpose product this year!

Multi-purpose Cheek and Lip Stain:
I have to admit that I am not always so put together for early morning classes.  In fact, sometimes I roll straight out of bed, put on a headband and shoes and call it a day.  But as I've gotten older and gotten to know more people around campus, hiding behind a hoodie on a rough morning doesn't always cut it.  Sometimes you've just gotta put your best face forward, even if that means only taking two minutes to slap on some cheek and lip stain in the nearest bathroom. Josie Maran's option is lightweight and long-lasting, two of the main reasons why I love it!

My two personal favorites: Maybelline Great Lash BIG and Lancome Hypnose

I could go on and on about my love affair with mascara.  I often go without foundation, but my face feels so naked without at least a smidge of eyeliner and mascara on.  And being that eyes are one of the first thing people notice about you, why wouldn't you want them to stand out?

Now pack up all your beauty goods into a bag or pencil case and slip them into your backpack.  You're ready for school!  And keep an eye out, because I will be doing my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY here in a few days!

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