Apr 14, 2014

Coachella Babes

As much as I would've liked to actually be at Coachella this past weekend, I'm pretty content just online stalking hashtags like #Coachella2014 and #CoachellaFashion. I've even gathered a few of my favorite #CoachellaFashions and compiled them into one big Coachella Babes post for you all. Enjoy!

*via LA Weekly
My parents would certainly not approve should I bring home someone like this, but you know these guys have heaps of fun. Plus, I am all about bro-ing out in two piece fits.

*via Fuse
This girl looks great. Not only does her complexion glow, but she's also rocking the heck out of those shades. I'm in love with the poem around the rims.

*via Harper's Bazaar
Music festivals strike me as the place one would wear some variation of white linen, but this black cape (okay... I don't technically know what it is) is perfect. Here's hoping that's hand sewn embroidery around the edges. Swoon.

*via Vogue
People typically go for breezy looks at music festivals, but this structured blue dress is adorable. Plus, I think it meshes well with her red lip (though I could do without the teal Chanel bag).

And actually, check out this very accurate fashion analysis from The Guardian. The phrase "All signs point to there being a wormhole to 1993 somewhere in the Indio desert," is completely appropriate and I'm so happy people are taking a fashion back to my birth year. Woo, Coachella!

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