Apr 23, 2014

Wednesday Roundup: A Little Love for the Stain

I think some people have trouble hopping on the lip/cheek stain bandwagon for many reasons, but mainly because a "stain" is something bad that happens to white shirts when drinking red wine or something you got in trouble for, for doing to the carpet when you were a kid. Basically, "stain" has all of theses negative connotations, so many people are left asking, "Why on earth would one want to use a stain on their lips or cheeks?" Well, gorgeous readers, I could give you a million different reasons why stains should be in each of your beauty arsenals, but I'm going to start with the three most important.

1. Almost all stains are two-in-one: If you're a travel or convenience junkie like myself, you know that makeup can take up valuable space. By carrying one product that acts as your blush and lip color, you free up some space that can be used for important things like healthy snacks (or brownies perhaps).

2. Stains. last. forever.: At least, if you're buying quality lip and cheek stains they do. However, while this is a benefit, it is also a caveat. Many people don't realize that when working with stains, you have to blend those babies in quickly or risk sporting striped cheeks all day. Stain with caution!

3. They are perfect for the summer: In a season where sweat and oiliness reign supreme, you need color that will stick to your skin and not slide around. Yes, yes, Addison we now know for sure that stains stay put (See #2), but did you know they also give you this awesome light wash of color? The natural flush stains provide is perfect for those minimal makeup spring days.

I am forever attached to my stains. At the moment, I'm loving Lollitint, a "candy-orchid" stain by Benefit. Like I said, though, liquid stains can be tricky to work with and the popular stains by Benefit are no different. It helps to experiment with a gel stain like theBalm Stainiac or Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelées first before committing to a liquid.

I think after a little experimentation you'll find that stains are exactly what your makeup kit is missing. Now, tell me: have you tried any lip or cheek stains? Do you have a favorite?

*All photos via Sephora.com or Birchbox.com

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