Apr 9, 2014

Quick Thoughts: Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap

With all of the great bar soap options available on the natural beauty market these days, bloggers (myself included) are finding themselves more enamored with the stuff than ever. Rather than using harsh detergents and animal fats like older formulas, new soaps use a lot of nourishing plant-based butters and oils. And if you know beauty bloggers, then you know there is little more we love than some plant butters and oils.

One bar soap in particular, Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap, has me completely ditching my other soaps and body washes at the moment.

Made of 86 percent olive oil (yep... that's awesome), Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap is gentle and moisturizing. Plus, this particular variety is unscented and would be great for anyone with sensitive skin. I even tried this one on my face. Unfortunately, olive oil is apparently a no-go for my complexion but, it didn't leave my skin feeling stripped at all.

I have an in-depth post about bar soaps and the soap making process in the works, but first, I had to warm you all up with this little ditty about Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap. It's so wonderful and at $4 for an 8 ounce bar, it's also an absolute bargain. You can pick yours up at your local Whole Foods or online.

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