Apr 1, 2014

RMS Lip Shine in Bloom

Beloved by models and average civilians like myself, RMS Beauty is a brand that takes high quality, natural ingredients and turns them into gorgeous glosses, balms, concealers, highlighters, etc. And after reading review after review about the miracle product that is the RMS Lip Shine, I decided I needed one.

The RMS Lip Shine in Bloom is for the faint of heart when it comes to color. It's a sheer, glossy pink with a hint of shimmer. Basically, picture spring, now picture your favorite cotton sundress. Got it? Okay, so the lip color you're probably wearing in your mind along with that dress is Bloom. It's light, springy and wonderful.

RMS Lip Shines (Bloom or the other colors) are perfect for everyday use, even if you're just going to class or to grab coffee with a friend. True, at $25, you're looking at pricey lip product, but the quality is awesome and they moisturize so well. I fully believe you get what you pay for with this one.

Have you tried any of the RMS Lip Shines? What about their other products?


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