May 8, 2013

Better than the Clarisonic?

      First of all, don't get too carried away with the title of this post.  Notice the question mark at the end, which shows a bit of doubt.  I just wanted to get your attention.  I am still highly attached to/in love with my Clarisonic, but I must admit that a little $5 tool that I've discovered at Sephora has really been a godsend for my troubled skin these past few days.  This tool is the Sephora Collection Precision Pore Cleansing Pad and yes, it costs only $5. 

      I am actually really surprised that I've never blogged about the pore pad before because I owned one last year.  I finally threw my old one out, though, because I figured keeping it for too long probably wasn't sanitary.  I am so glad I decided to repurchase because I truly forgot how great this thing is.  The surface of the little scrublet, which is made of silicone, is covered with silicone bristles.  These soft bristles massage your face and really give your cleansing routine an exfoliating boost.  I have found the Precision Pore Cleansing Pad to be safe for everyday use on my face, but as usual, I would advise you to figure out what works best for your skin, whether that means using it 7 days a week or only 2. 
       So, as far as being better than the Clarisonic goes.... Better price? Oh yea.  Better performance?  That depends on the user.  The Clarisonic is great, but many people find it to be too harsh for daily use.  The Precision Pore Cleansing Pad is extremely gentle and the degree of exfoliation really just depends on how much pressure you apply with your hand while using it, making it safe for daily use.  Either way I love them both!

What are your favorite exfoliating tools/ products?

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