May 13, 2013

Makeup Crush Monday: The Belated Mothers Day Post

       Over the years, we've all been given some great motherly advice on all subjects, one of those subjects invariably pertaining to cosmetics and/or skincare.  One of my personal faves that my mom always told me was: "Don't over tweeze your eyebrows".  Like any good teenager, I did not listen and I still have a few sparse patches of brows today to prove it.  I've learned a few other valuable tips and tricks over the years from family members that I one day hope to pass on to my daughters (although I'll probably have all boys because life is just funny like that), but until then, you are my only audience.  Enjoy!

1.  A smile makes you prettier:  Ok, so it is a bit ironic that one of my favorite beauty tricks in this "Mothers Day" post comes from my Dad, but this one is so true.  No one looks pretty with a scowl, so keep that in mind next time when you're having a bad day and don't forget to smile!

2.  Merle Norman's Super Lube: What a name.  This product is really a glorified Vaseline and my Meme and Mom are huge fans.  It's perfect for chapped lips or a tissue-worn nose.

3.  Wear your hair down (at least every once in a while):  If I could, I would wear my hair in a clip or bun every day of my life.  Hair hanging in my face is not something I care to deal with, especially if it's humid outside.  My Mamaw brought up a good point, however, that wearing your hair down just makes you look a little better, perhaps more fancy.  And I completely agree.  Whenever I wear my hair down I feel prettier and more dressed up.

4.  Invest in Tweezerman:  Not everyone wants to drop $22 on a metal beauty utensil, but with brows like my sisters and I have been blessed with, it is an absolute necessity to invest in a good pair of tweezers.  It was my mother who told us about Tweezerman and the fact that you can send any pair back for free sharpening!


      I have many more tips, of course, but these are the best I've got to offer today.  I hope you all had a lovely time with your mothers and grandmothers yesterday.  I know I did!  What are some of your favorite tips you've learned from the women in your life over the years?

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