May 2, 2013

Simple Sugars with a Side of My Life's Story

            Let me begin this post with the most exciting news I've had this semester:  I AM DONE WITH FINALS.  College is amazing (hands down the best way to spend 4 years avoiding the real world), but this past semester was absolutely the hardest semester I've had to endure.  Along with having to accept the devastating fact that I will  not be able to graduate on time because of ONE CLASS, I also had to participate in the ever-arduous internship hunt.  Luckily for me, I ended up getting the one I wanted, where I will be doing journalism and communications things.  However, finding this internship was no easy task.  It's a scary world kids, and I, as a college junior, was not prepared to face as much rejection as I did.  However, when people tell you it will all work out, listen to them.  It really all works out.  And just like that, I am on my way to being the magazine beauty editor of my dreams!  HA! just kidding. But, I will continue on, probably fetching coffee and copies, with that dream in mind.
           So now that I've given you an update on my life, let's move into the beauty segment of this program.  A month or two ago, I watched Simple Sugars' Lani Lazzari pitch her business to the terrifying board of investors on ABC's Shark Tank and I was sincerely impressed.  Put me in front of a board of people and my speech will end up being a jumbled heap of "uhms" and "ahs".  Lani knocked it right out of the park, spouting off financial stats like nobody's business.  Before you know it, I had already purchased myself a container of the Simple Sugars Handmade, All-natural Facial Scrub in Green Tea with Tea Tree for about $17, not including S&H.



              It did take the product a while to arrive, but that didn't bother me at all.  I mean, they started out as a company with 5 employees before going on Shark Tank and after their appearance they received 15,000 new orders.  That is an unimaginable sales increase for a small business... and far too much for 5 people to handle (though they obviously hired a few more people later on to lighten the load).  Once my scrub arrived, I was thrilled to check it out.  It is dark green with an amazing smell and so far, it seems to be worth the investment.  I do have a confession to make though: I have yet to use it on my face.  I'm not sure what I was thinking ordering a scrub made out of sugar for my face.  I believe this could benefit someone with really coarse skin, but my skin is far too sensitive.  It does make an amazing body scrub, though, and I plan on using the entire tub as such.  Check out the website here.  I think young women who have the initiative to start their own company are amazing.  Props to you, Lani Lazzari!


  1. Just a little tip with using sugar face scrub. I use and make my own and a way to apply it and not make it so abrasive is to slowly rub it on your face but don't press down at all. That's why sugar scrub is so great because you can do it gently for sensitive skin or press down harder for tougher skin! :) hope it works out for you!

  2. That's a good idea! I really appreciate the suggestion. Thanks for reading:)


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