Feb 10, 2013

I've Got A[n] [Aztec] Secret!

Lawdy, lawdy... I think today marks the first day in nearly TWO WEEKS where I have been able to sit on my behind and just worry about nothing but beauty products.  Every time I sat down to write a post in the past few days, I ended up writing in circles, not making any sense.  I couldn't get my thoughts straight!  But let me tell you, my brain is working again and I am ready to write about one of my new fave products.  You all are going to love this one!  It's cheap, effective, and deep cleansing.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the post!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

It looks so exciting, right?!
     I honestly am not one to care about a product's chemical content.  I suppose I probably should be, but  au naturale/ organic is just not my thing.  It's not that I won't try natural cosmetics, I just don't actively seek them out.  But recently, my uncle's girlfriend recommended this all natural clay mask to me, and since I'm running low on my trusty Clinique Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask (and she has great skin!) I figured I'd better give it a try.  I ordered it off of iherb.com, which I highly recommend.  Their website is super easy to use and products are very reasonably priced!
     This product claims to be the "World's Most Powerful Facial".  I can't verify this claim as I obviously have not tried every facial in the world, but I think it probably comes pretty close.  I was a little nervous to use this when I read the instructions on the back which say "Feel Your Face Pulsate!"  My first thought was: "Do I want a pulsating face?  Is this safe?"  I am here to report that I've survived and I am in love with this mask.  To use it, you mix equal parts water and powder and apply it liberally to your face.  You can leave it on for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, just depending on your skin's sensitivity.  Your face will be a bit red after rinsing it off, but the redness should subside after 30 minutes.  This mask cost only $6 for a whole pound!  That is a serious deal for such a great product!  Go and buy yours ASAP, especially if you have oily/ acne-prone skin.  You won't regret it!
Before adding water
After adding water...Yummmm
Do you have a favorite mask you can't live without, clay or otherwise?  I love to hear your opinions!

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