Feb 7, 2013

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

I LOVE Valentine's Day.  What about you?

 I hope you all can appreciate the creativity of my poetic intro!  I tried to resist, but Valentine's Day just lends itself to cheesiness.  I love the V-Day cheese, though, especially since my boyfriend and I will celebrate our second anniversary this Valentine's Day.  Gosh, he's so wonderful.  Really.  I hope I'm not making anyone gag just yet.  But before I get carried away with all of this, I'm going to give all you people out there a few gift ideas!  Here's my Valentine's Day Gift Guide:

The Beauty Lover
I know you all didn't think I could start this post off with anything but the group which most of us here are a part of!  Guys often need a little help in this area, but never fear boys, I've got great suggestions!

Diptyque Candles:  These ultra-chic European candles are enough to make any girl swoon.  Here in the States you have to order them online.  Try shopping here or here!

Photo Credit: Nordstrom
Laura Mercier Body & Bath Set in Creme Brulee:  This beautiful set (which can be purchased here) is so luxurious and will benefit both you and your lady! Your girlfriend will love smelling like fancy French dessert and you'll look like you actually know/care about who the heck Laura Mercier is! Win, win!

Photo Credit: Sephora

The Accesory-holic

Catbird NYC:  This jeweler is quite the talk of the town these days.  Whether you're seeking gaudy or dainty, they can do no wrong!  Browse their website for great gift ideas: catbirdnyc.com

Photo Credit: Catbird NYC
Anthropologie Jewelry Storage:  Anthropologie has a wonderful selection of jewelry boxes and hangers.  Styles range from quirky to woodsy to ensure that there is something for everyone!  Check out Anthropologie's website for more ideas.

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

 The Music Lover

Concert ticketsThis one should pretty much be a no brainer.  I may not know what kind of music your significant other is into, but I do know buying tickets for them to see one of their favorite artists is always a good idea!

Frends Headphones:  These headphones are possibly the most gorgeous piece of technology I have ever seen.  These headphones make a statement, but aren't overpowering.  Buy these bad boys here.

Photo Credit: Wearefrends.com

Beats Solo HD Headphones:  I bet you girls were thinking I've forgotten about gift suggestions for the boys.  I found some nice headphones for them too!  These are quite popular these days and the sound quality on them is incredible!  You can find them at Best Buy and many other tech retailers.

Photo Credit: Best Buy

The Sports and Fitness Addict

Fitness classes:  I'm not much for working out, but I know people swear by expensive classes such as Pure Barre and hot yoga.  Help out your resident fitness addict by purchasing a few classes for them at a local gym.  I am not up-to-date on popular male fitness classes, but I bet they're out there as well! 

Sports tickets:  Valentine's Day falls right into the middle of basketball season.  A couple tickets to your boo's favorite game would much appreciated.  Not a fan of basketball?  That's alright!  Write an IOU (maybe word it more romantically) and create an elaborate scheme to surprise them with baseball or football tix later on in the year!

Lulu Lemon:  Fitness never looked so stylish!  Check out lululemon.com for an extensive selection of fitness gear for men and women alike!

 Photo Credits: Lululemon.com

I hope some of my suggestions help out you weary shoppers.  Best of luck to you and Happy [Early] Hearts Day!

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