Feb 20, 2013

Looking On the Bright Side

    To put it kindly, this week has been homework hell.  I've had at least one test, exam, or some other form of academic torture everyday and I am exhausted!  Despite all of this, I'm looking on the proverbial bright side, which, in my case, is filled with makeup, long weekends, and coffee.  The makeup I am referring to here is a CoverGirl LipPerfection lipstick that I picked up the other day at Rite Aid.  It's called Flame and hellooo, it is so BRIGHT!  It makes me feel super sassy (even sassier knowing I only paid about $8 for it) and a girl needs that sometimes!  Actually, I found an article in the NY Times which claims that buying lipstick gives women a mood boost, especially during times of economic difficulty.  Cool, huh?  But enough of my rambling.  Have a look at the lipstick!

     The lipstick appears to be bright red in the pictures above, but in person it is really quite pink. Embarrassingly enough, I have been swiping it on before I study.  A touch of lipstick makes me feel pretty despite the fact that I've been living in yoga pants and over sized sweatshirts.

What products do you look for when trying to cure studying blues (or any blues for that matter)?

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