Feb 3, 2013

Weekend Ramblings: Super Bowl Sunday Nails NOTD

 Ok, so before you crazed football fanatics read any further, I want to warn you that this NOTD has nothing more to do with Super Bowl Sunday than the fact that I was wearing nail polish on Super Bowl Sunday.  I didn't come up with any 49ers designs or any Ravens nail art.  My hand is not steady enough for all of that business.  My current nail design is just a little something I thought up on my own while spending a night at my home in Northern Kentucky after rummaging through my younger sister's AMAZING nail polish collection.  Unfortunately, I neglected to write down the names of these polishes/ take pictures of the bottles, but I can tell you this:  one is navy blue, one is opaque gold and one is clear with gold flecks.  Do 2 coats of navy blue on the bottom, then opaque gold towards the cuticle, and then lightly brush the clear, gold-flecked polish over the opaque gold while it is still wet so as to spread the glitter and create a gradient effect.  Finish it off with a sweep of clear coat and you're good to go.  I hope that helps if any of you plan on recreating this look!

Also, I apologize for being so lazy with posts these past couple of days.  I've been sick and when I'm sick my laziness level reaches an all-time high.  I promise to be more diligent once I'm cured.  I hope you're all having a great weekend and suffering from as much Super Bowl Snack Remorse as I am.  And finally, I hope that we all have dreams of Beyonce's halftime performance!  Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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