Feb 2, 2013

Weekend Ramblings: Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush

Surprise, surprise!  Another addition to my ever growing cream blush collection!  I actually went to Walmart with the intention of purchasing a neon pink lipstick, like the ones I wrote about a few posts back (here); but then I thought: "Who I am I kidding? It's winter and you live in Lexington, Kentucky."  We don't do much neon around these parts, so I thought maybe a vibrant blush would cure my new found hunger for bright colors.  I was right!  The color I purchased is Coral Reef.  It is shockingly bright in the package, but it blends down nicely to a pretty, muted coral.  The texture is light and it's extremely easy to blend.  My only complaint is the staying power, which leaves something to be desired as it lasts about 4 hours max.  However, it's perfect if you're just wearing it to dinner or to class for the day.  It cost me about $11 at Walmart. While it may not be the best cream blush out there, it is definitely one of the more affordable options and a pretty good one at that!

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