Feb 11, 2013

Quick Thoughts: New Mascara Monday

The color of the bottle is too pretty!
Don't get too excited just yet.  New Mascara Monday isn't a new weekly segment.  It just happens to be Monday and I happened to have bought a new mascara.  As I've mentioned before, I had Greek Sing over the weekend.  During this event, sororities and fraternities perform 5 minute dance numbers and ticket proceeds go to Make A Wish.  Though I love the dancing, I am obviously partial to the crazy makeup we have to wear.  The girls in my dance segment had to wear craft glitter on our eyes that went all the way up to our eyebrows.  Unfortunately when using a lot of glitter, you can expect it to get everywhere, especially in your mascara.  Long story short, I ended up needing some new mascara and didn't feel like forking over the $26 for my fave Lancôme Hypnose.  Enter CoverGirl's Lashblast Fusion in Black.  I love the brush on this thing.  It claims to lengthen and thicken, which I think it definitely accomplishes.  The formula does not clump or flake even a little bit.  It cost me $8 at Target.  Clearly, it's a steal!

Check out them bristles!

What is your favorite drugstore mascara?


  1. This is one of my most beloved mascaras!

  2. This sounds brilliant - I wish we had covergirl in the uk! x


    1. I love it so far. I can understand your pain, though. I wish we had TopShop and other things like that over here!


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